BSGC Basic Bridge Online Names

To set up a table with three other players on Basic Bridge Online you will need to know their user names, which you can find below. I know telephone numbers and emails would be really helpful but you really do not want them visible to every spammer an con-man on the internet. I will look into creating something secure.

When you log in, take a note of the number of other players logged in. If it is close to 30,000 you may get a message saying something like "Check you are connected to the internet". This means that BBO's computer is receiving more connections than it can handle. The only sensible thing you can do is arrange to play at a less popular time of day.

(Checking a website behaves sensibly under load would probably have taken more time and money than was available. It least the error message is better than "Mouse not detected. Click here to change.")

Real NameBBO Name
Peter Ancellpeteranc9
Graham AnsbridgeCaptain GA
Linda Battyeingasmum
David Brandbrand54
Vee Brandveebrand
Mike BrooksCpfcboy
Viccy Chappellviccy2000
Fiona Charltonfifi2000
Lorraine Courtmanbollie2000
Phil EvansEvoPhil
Janet Gibbsjgibbs262
Peter Goodeyalfie1938
Gary GriffithsGaryDGriff
Laura GriffithsLauraJGrif
Rod Haddockichthusr
Brian Hallowscallsaga
Richard Hartleyrjhartley
Susie Hartleysusiehart
Harry JollyHarJolly
Pat Lightmanannasmum
Brenda McKiegrasmum
Mick Newmanmickfnew
Andy Powellandypowell
John Rowsellogawd
Sandy Rowselloldtart
Rosemary Rumballrjrumball
ID spareBSGCdummy
John Undrilljohnuready
Anne Walkerannewalker
Rob walkerrobwalker
Barry WarmanBazzaJames
Loraine WarmanGamepenny
Ken Wilsonkenwba